5 Second Pep Talk For Creatives

With these posts, which I'm thinking of posting every Monday, I hope to provide all artists and creatives out there with a boost of motivation.

The idea for these 'Pep Talks' came about when I was feeling down about my own work. Being an artist is hard in that you don't usually have colleagues or a team around you to push you to keep going, or to tell you that yes, your work is worth spending time on. 

I recognised a need for a selection of motivational musings specifically (although not exclusively) for artists. A bit more substance that an inspirational quote, but with the same amount of reassurance - enough to trigger that energy to get you through whatever block you're facing.

So, here's #1 !

Image - Pixabay

You create work of incredibly high value, and you deserve to be paid a lot for it, too. Don’t feel guilty about charging high prices, and most importantly, never work for free.