Iceland's South Coast - A Photo Journal

As my Icelandic adventure (as part of Nes Artist Residency) came to an end, I found myself with 3 days to explore Southern Iceland, and what better way to do that than with a road trip?

I went with some guys I met at Kex (a hostel in downtown Reykjavik), who were lovely enough to offer me a seat in their car, and we set off at about 7 am (after drinking for most of the night before, I was v. proud of my ability to be conscious that early). 

We drove from Reykjavik to Jökulsárlón, stopping off at SkógafossReynisfjara Black Sand Beach and Diamond Beach. 

The one thing I would say, is that since we visited at the beginning of March, the winter ice was just beginning to thaw. So when ('when', not 'if') I go back, I think I'll visit in November / December, for maximum iciness. In my opinion, when it comes to Iceland, the colder the better.

iceland map.PNG

Skogáfoss, 63.5321° N, 19.5114° W

Reynisfjara (Black Sand Beach), 63.4051° N, 19.0561° W

Jökulsárlón, 64.0784° N, 16.2306° W