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I’m Sarah.

I design and sell dreamy prints, that I hope will make your living space more inviting and more like the fullest expression of you. 

Because no one ever designed their dream home with blank walls am I right? Probably not even those hardcore minimalists. Okay maybe the minimalists would. I digress.

I love art, of course, and travel, as you’ll see from the photo above, which was taken last September in a jungle in Panamá. Yes, really.

Exploring is what keeps my art going, and I love to share my adventures over on my blog.

I also love to talk abut the fact that in this realm of creativity, entrepreneurship and generally being a human in 2019, the most important thing is to have the right mindset, and an unshakeable sense of confidence.

I really hope that my site will leave you feeling full of confidence, creativity and inspiration ✨

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